BIGGEST Snake EVER (195 Ft.) Analyzed & Confirmed #ダルビッシュ #MLB

BIGGEST Snake EVER (195 Ft.) Analyzed & Confirmed

The Biggest Snake in the World recorded, seen, or filmed is analyzed in depth and confirmed to be around 195 feet in length and could easily eat a man.


A monstrous snake nearly the size of a football field is captured on film as it rears back to attack a helicopter flying by, but could anything that big really exist? Follow my in depth analysis and by the end of this video try asking yourself that question again.

Humanity is familiar with some pretty big snakes, both in person and in the fossil records, and sometimes through photographic evidence by reliable witnesses.

During World War Two, Belgian fighter ace and squadron leader Remy Van Lierd rose to the rank of Colonel in the British Royal Air Force, and received the Distinguished Flying Cross medal of valor, after shooting down six enemy aircraft and forty four V-1 Flying Bombs. After the war he was put in command of the Kamina Air Base, in the Katanga region of what was then The Belgian Congo.

His reputation and spatial recognition abilities are impeccable, which means we must give careful consideration to this incredible report.

One day in Africa in 1959, on the way back to the airbase from a helicopter mission, Colonel Lierd was astounded to see a massive snake winding it’s way along the terrain below.

He circled around for a better look and had one of his flight crew take a series of photographs. As he descended to about 500 feet altitude, the gigantic snake took notice, and reared back as though ready to strike at the helicopter if it dared to come within range.

By his own estimate, Colonel Lierd guesses that the snake must have been a minimum of 50 feet in length, with a triangular shaped jaw about two to three feet wide. In his own words, “It could have easily eaten up a man!”

Keep in mind that a reticulated python is the longest snake ever measured alive at 33 feet or 10 meters in length. T he longest measured known extinct snake is the Titanaboa, which was 42 ft or about 13 meters in length.

After “countless reports from the Kamina area of giant snakes”, the original photos were sent to CIA Captain Lorenzo W. Burrows, director of the National Photographic Interpretation Center with some further analysis of the photo. Let’s look at that.

Here is the full photo in it’s entirety.

As you can see at the bottom, the type of camera the photo was taken with was recorded, which adds some authenticity to this photo.

The key factor in this photo, as pointed out in the letter, are the termite nests, which is a little confusing at first unless you know what an African termite nest looks like.

They look like this…they’re absolutely huge and they take on recognizable shapes.

The letter reads “Further, the two black spots in the upper left hand quadrant are quite plainly termite nests, or rather, their shadows.
Under high power you can very easily see this, and that the top one is a column, circular in the horizontal section, while the bottom one is typical of the flange types that always point north to south.”

See the termite nests? Now remember how big they are?

Let’s use them, as is done in the letter, to approximate a scale of reference. These termite mounds can easily be 2 and a half times the size of a human. So, we’ll say the top termite nest is 15 feet or about 4.5 meters tall.

This is a bit of a guess, but if the snake was fully stretched out, I’d say it’d be around this long.

So if we just stack our 15 foot or 4.5 meter termite nests next to this line…we get about 13 of them.

This yields a rough approximate total length of about 195 feet or about 60 meters and closely matches what the letter says of about 200 feet.

That’s up to 5 times larger than even the Titanaboa…allegedly the biggest snake ever and that was thought to have gone extinct shortly after the dinosaurs.

What sort of monster did Colonel Remy Van Lierd encounter and photograph here?…and why are there so many other alleged reports of massive snakes by others in the same area?

The Congo seems like a very, very scary place.

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