1. Securing a Polio-Free World: Introductory video #ダルビッシュ #MLB

1. Securing a Polio-Free World: Introductory video

This series of six videos explain the important steps that are being taken to make sure that, once the poliovirus has been eradicated, it will never have the opportunity to return. We have never been closer to achieving our goal; but there is much still to be done to secure a polio-free world.
Once wild polio has been eradicated, the only risks of the virus returning would come from rare strains of circulating vaccine derived polioviruses, and from potential leaks of the virus from laboratories or vaccine manufacturers. This series of videos will explain the work being done to address these risks: from the vaccines that are being used to stop polio; to how the oral polio vaccine is being phased out from April 2016 to remove any risk of vaccine-derived polioviruses, starting with the switch from trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine in April 2016; and how securely containing polioviruses within laboratories and vaccine manufacturing sites will keep every last child protected, long into the future.

Find out more at www.polioeradication.org・・・続きはこちら⇒1. Securing a Polio-Free World: Introductory video

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高校1年生です。 英語が好きで、来年の交換留学を考えています。 ですが、英検を持っていません。 資格が無いまま留学試験に受けられないので、 英検2級をとりたいのです。 1月28日が…


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